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Maintenance Contracts

GSA Office of Inspector General Washington DC | Preventive Maintenance of Data Center Units

Rapid currently holds 4 Year HVAC preventive maintenance contract which includes Liebert Data center critical units at the GSA office of Inspector General

Department of Veterans Affairs , Wilkes Barre, PA Preventative Maintenance, Repair and Service

Rapid currently holds HVAC preventive maintenance contracts of Liebert, Mitsubishi, and Units at their Datacenter.

VA Medical Center Lebanon, PA Preventative Maintenance of Chillers

Rapid currently holds 5 years of HVAC preventive maintenance contracts of Carrier and Trane Chillers located in Lebanon, PA.

Department of Veterans Affairs, Arlington VA

Rapid is performing maintenance and service contracts for water source Heat Pumps located at Crystal Drive, Arlington VA.


Department of Defense/Pentagon Preventative Maintenance, Repair and Service

Rapid held a Chiller repair and preventive maintenance contract which includes five (5) 1000 Ton Chillers, for the remote facilities located in VA.

US Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi MD

Installation of heat pump, air handlers, and fan coil units.Repair of Carrier Chiller Straight Line Panel and Oil Change. Change the proximity probe in the unit with a new proximity probe and assemble the unit.Take out high the speed assembly from the chiller and rebuild the high-speed assembly.

The Department Of Treasury/IRS, WASHINGTON, DC Trane Chiller major Inspection and oil seal repair

Rapid has performed successfully the repairs of the Centrifugal 1600 Ton Trane chiller CVHF-077

Department of Veterans Affairs Perry Point, MD

Perform tube cleaning on evaporators and condensers and Perform eddy current testing on chillers 1,2 and 3 in bldg 321 and the 650 York chiller at 23h/361.

National Historical Park, Maryland Preventative Maintenance, Repair and Service

Rapid held a Chiller, boiler, and Heat pump repair and preventive maintenance contract. Responsible for emergency calls, repair and maintenance of HVAC, Boilers and Carrier Chiller.

Federal Communications Commission , Columbia MD Repair & Maintenance

Repair and maintenance of York units.

Ford Theater, Washington DC

Repair and maintenance of chillers, boilers and 110 Air handlers.

Defense Nuclear Facilities Board, DC

Maintenance and repairs contract of mission-critical.

Our Projects


Maryland Department of General Services

Fredrick MD

Completion Date: 2022
Agency Name: Maryland Department of General Services
Performance Place
Maryland School of Deaf, Fredrick MD

Project Description:
Rapid HVAC Inc recently completed a project that involved the removal and installation of (2) five-ton AC units, 95% AFUE Furnace, coils, (8) gas heaters, disconnecting and demolishing boilers and air handlers, and removing all electrical wiring at a Maryland School for the Deaf.

We accomplished a complex project that involved a wide range of tasks, including the installation of ductwork, thermostats, wiring, and grounding, as well as the installation of a 15 KV switch.

The project required a thorough analysis of the client’s heating and cooling needs, as well as careful planning and execution to ensure that the new HVAC system was installed to the highest standards. Rapid HVAC Inc’s team of experienced technicians worked diligently to complete the project on time and within budget, while also ensuring that safety, efficiency, and performance were top priorities.

National Park Service

Potomac, MD & NewYork

Completion Date: 2015-2022
Agency Name: National Park Service
Performance Buildings
National Historical Park, Potomac, MD
National Park Service, New York
Ford Theatre, Washington, DC
White House, Washington, DC

Project Description:
Installed ductless split units at security booths, run new wiring, changed compressors, boiler pumps, condensate pumps, and motors, and performed quarterly service on Chillers, boilers, heat pumps, furnaces, and heat exchangers.Installed high-efficiency boilers, expansion tanks, pumps, and hot water heaters.

US Air National Guards

Eastover SC

Completion Date: 2022
Agency Name: US Air National Guards, SC
Performance Place
1325 Carolina Road, Eastover SC

Project Description:
The project includes the removal of the existing HVAC unit and 230-volt 3 Phase high-voltage electrical. Disconnect the gas connection. Install a new 25 Ton Trane Package Unit and reconnect high voltage electrical to new units. Rewire gas piping and install new ductwork and reconnect to existing ductwork.
Install new ductwork box and insulate and run new ductwork split into the wall of both men’s and women’s shower areas. Install dampeners for proper airflow in restrooms. Reconnect low voltage controls and start the system and test for proper operation. Installed 4 Bard wall mount units.

Gables Residential Inc.

Washington, DC

Completion Date: 2018 – 2021
Company Name: Gables Residential Inc
Performance Buildings
Berkshire Apartments Homes, Washington, DC
C Street Apartments, Washington, DC
Gables Center Pointe, Fairfax, VA
Gables Takoma Park, Washington, DC
Yuma Gardens, Washington DC

Project Description:
Rapid HVAC Inc has achieved remarkable success in providing top-notch installation, repair, and maintenance services for heating and cooling equipment in over 800 apartments owned by GablesResidential since 2012. Rapid’s unparalleled expertise and dedication have enabled them to manage more than 1600 cooling and heating systems pieces, ranging from small packaged units to large centrifugal chillers and steam boilers, while also performing upgrades, renovations, and preventive maintenance tasks. They have upgraded 1600 electrical circuit breakers, 2400 plumbing valves, 300 fan coil units, and various air handlers, demonstrating their exceptional skills in the field. Rapid’s ability to maintain all ancillary equipment associated with these systems, including pumps, refrigerant monitors, air handlers, and rooftop exhaust fan systems, is a testament to its commitment to excellence. Overall, Rapid’s outstanding performance in providing high-quality service to GablesResidential’s properties is a noteworthy accomplishment that sets them apart in the HVAC industry.

Borger Management Inc.

Washington, DC

Company Name: Borger Management Inc
Performance Buildings
Brooklawn Apartments, Washington, DC
Capitol Hill, Constitution Ave, Washington, DC
Rock Creek Ford, Washington, DC
Shelby Apartments, Washington DC

Project Description:
Installed heat pumps, rooftop units, PTAC units, and window AC, changed compressors, condensate pumps, and motors, and performed quarterly service.

Charles Hickey School.

Rapid HVAC Inc successfully removed and replaced the existing refrigeration unit for the kitchen at Charles Hickey School. The project involved replacing the Russell Model # AA28-134B refrigeration unit, including the replacement of two indoor evaporator units, two rooftop condensing units, all exposed copper A/C lines, and all-electric disconnects.

Throughout the project, Rapid HVAC Inc maintained a commitment to excellence, providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that the project was executed with careful attention to safety, efficiency,
and performance. As a result, the project was completed on time and within budget, leaving the client with a reliable and high-performing refrigeration system for their kitchen.


Social Security Administration

New York

Design and installation of 72 water fountains and drain lines.
Rapid is capable of performing projects nationwide. We have executed
several installation projects in New York City and upstate NY.

USCG Station Crisfield, MD

Disconnect, remove, and dispose of old units and install new 2 Hot water heaters with all fitting, connecting, and testing.

National Park Services

New York

Mobilization Drawings & submittal and installation of Wel Mclain Boilers (2)Water Heater and pump

Borger Management Inc.

Washington DC

Installed and repaired PTAC units, window units, heat pumps Fan Coil units, and hot water heaters.

Boiler Upgrade, Repair & Service

USDA /National Plant Germplasm Quarantine Center (NPGQC)

Replace Existing Boiler Burners and Upgrade Modulation Controls Design-build services to replace NPGQC’s existing boiler burners and modulation controls with new maximum combustion efficient forced draft burners controlled with a linkage less burner management system.

Governor’s Building #106

Rapid HVAC Inc. was selected by the National Park Service to upgrade the boiler room at a historic building located In Governors Island, NY. This installation of high-efficiency boilers, hot water heaters and sump pump required extensive planning, involving both design and technical expertise in order to meet the agencies’ goals.

Gables Residential Inc.

Washington DC

Replacement of Hot water heaters, repair of drain lines, re-piping, Changing valves, bearing points, Exhaust Fans, and radiator replacement and repairs. Installation of small boilers, Heat Pumps, and boiler repair. Power down pumps, and controllers and follow all lockout tag-out procedures. Install sewage pump up to 5HP and floating switches along with the pump relay. Repair and upgrade electrical wiring, pulling new connections and conduit. Re-arrange plumbing connections and install a new fixture.

Maryland Military Department

At Camp Fretterd, MD

Rapid HVAC Inc demonstrated its expertise by successfully completing a project that entailed the removal and replacement of an AO Smith Steam Boiler 19HE-6. The project began with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s heating requirements, followed by a meticulous evaluation of the existing equipment. Rapid HVAC Inc’s team of skilled technicians worked tirelessly to ensure that the installation of the new boiler was executed with the utmost attention to safety, efficiency, and performance.

Maryland Department of
Juvenile Services

Rapid HVAC Inc successfully completed a project involving the installation of heat pump units, which included 2 indoor air handling units (AHUs) equipped with variable-speed motors located in the attic crawl space. The AC system was designed to function as a “twinned” a system with a single thermostat to control the entire building. The system was programmed to operate on one air handler/condenser during moderate temperatures, and would automatically switch to both handlers/condensers working in tandem when additional cooling or heating was required based on the environment. Rapid HVAC Inc’s installation expertise and efficient design resulted in a well-functioning and reliable system for their client.



Gaithersburg MD

Install New electrical panels, circuit breakers, light poles Flood lights, security camera system, and parking lights.
Replace existing exterior lights with more efficient light emitting diode (LED)
lighting technology. Install lighting controls and timers to turn off exterior
lighting where not needed between dusk and dawn.
Install a backup generator, and UPS for the HVAC system.
Installed security camera system.

Gables Residential

Washington DC

Gables Residential, Washington DC Plumbing, and Electrical
Rapid has upgraded circuit breakers in 500 apartments. Pulled new electrical
wiring, panels, and light fixture
Rapid continuous support of the facility for its ongoing needs and
provides proactive maintenance for the interior and exterior facility.

BARCODE Restaurant

Washington DC

Installation of new lights, sound system, and smoke alarms
Build the concrete base for electrical poles, Installed new pole and light fixture
Install a sprinkler system, smoke detectors, and light sensors.
Install neo sign and pull wiring.


Washington DC

Inspect all existing buried pole light feeder conductors pole light feeder
conductor wiring in the underground vault for damage.
Pull new circuits to reestablish operation.
Install missing internal pole light feeders; pull new wiring to reestablish
each pole light in service.
Installed circuit breakers, switched boxes, and relocated receptacles in
800 apartments

Car Tech Building

Denver, USA

Nctech Building

Texas, USA

Vax Tech Building

Ontario, CA

Food Lab Building

Athens, GR